Live from SDCC08 - LOST Panel

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From Comic Con Live
Talk about new autograph site, all the cast members will have signing services for charity.

Q&A almost immediately but some sponsorship: Dharma Initiative

Hans Van Eegan Appears!!

ASR Tests given were abysmal

`2:20 They show compilation of Dharma tests!! Fans shown, Damon says he cant live Carlton

Fans called up to stage for passing.

Four on stage and I think they are actors...not sure.

Fan Questions

Bo from Team ODI

Did the island travel when sky turned purple?

Answer is NO

Fans getting gifts for asking questions!! Bo gets Oceanic water!!


Not seen the last of Jin or Locke. Dead is a relative "term"

Show will have both of characters.

Confirmation of 17 episodes in last two seasons/

12:25 Which epi/season best??

Carlton says Constant favorite episode. S1 favorite.

Damon: S1 favorite and S4

Advertisements cast on island - what about reflection in water of city? No additional meaning just O6 getting off.

12:30 Rousseau FB?? WE willsee Rousseau's story this season!!! Staying away from
FB, but doing something!! Rousseau will be in S5!!

Do you guys know how the show will end?? Mentions D&C moms not knowing.

Other writers know most, but not everything.

Any guest today!? Hans Van Eegan was guest, but cast is all scattered around the world almost impossible because not together.

Fan gets signed copy of DVD!

12:35 Question about movie LOST Horizon? Yes, but not really going off of. But yes Stephen King, but anything in genre category is what we follow.

What happen to Vincent? Damon jokes that no questions about what happened at end of S4!?

Vincent will appear in S5

Question about Jack and Kate being together at end is shot down, but funny.

Carlton personally prefers Jate paring but pleads the 5th about show. Debate about fan gift. Jack action figure

Matthew Fox Appears!!!!!!!!!!! Joins Q&A!! Fan gets autograph!

12:40 Kate WILL see Sawyer again!!

Faraday will be ok. Authentic Faraday tie given to fan

Fox says he has built bind with crew and cast, including the minor characters.

when S5 starts you will not know where we are.

Will be on island and off AND different periods of time!!

Bon Stencil asks how show will end?? Jokes about Jin and gets Dharma beer!!

12:45 Question about Tempest and Secondary Protocol.

Faraday knows about it because of his notebook is filled with things that already happened and will play a KEY part in S5.

Damon: Didn't like that story line

Stuart who looks like Hurley gets Dharma Ranch!!!

Next fan does not know name of Fox, Damon or Carlton.

12:50 How old is Alpert and how many toes??

Quite OLD. Learn more about Alperts history in S5. Fox says 125, but is wrong. We will see Alpert barefooted in "NEAR" future.

Bentham and pentopticon prison.

Dan Bronson STOPS panel!!! Says you guys are not telling us shit!!! He has Dharma proof and what happened to him!!

He is going to show his video

Candle appears!!! Says his real name is Pierre Cheng. He is in casual clothes.

Astrophysics. Einsten Field equations. He is in the present and says you will get this 30 yers from now.

Colleagues are all dead. Violent purge. Work is valid if you see this video. Imperative DI is reconstituted. TIME IS THE ESSENCE.

Save us. Dan runs out!!

Van Eegan appears again and says canceling sponsorship.

End of panel!!

Hopefully video to follow, we were able to record it ALL!!

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