Live From EW Visionaries Panel

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From Comic Con Live:
So we are live from the EW panel here at CC pics and details to follow.

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are scheduled to appear.

1:50 Panel has started with producers of LOST, Pushing Daisies, Chuck and Sarah Conner Chronicles

1:55 Questions to other producers.

2:00 D&C - Want to be referred ad Terminator *Crowd Laughs*

Question about adding hours to finale and Season 4 because of a the strike. The Sawyer Kate Kiss scene was a quick kiss. Bummed about not being able to get some stories, such as freighter folk, which will be covered in S5.

2:05 Gen Question about webisodes to all producers. SCC Producer answers. Economical way to communicate MORE.

Carlton Cuse - New platforms offer new opportunities like ARGs are allowed. Another one already started. The content is primarily for online only.

Damon Lindelof: Do the Mobisodes breakthrough to the masses, probably not but primarily for Die Hard fans. Damon drops an F Bomb....crowd goes crazy!!


Question about Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible

Damon: During the strike they discussed what they wanted to do before the show starts, of course not able to go back and do them. Whendon-verse created, done all by himself is amazing and in "Awe"

Carlton: Jokes about Zombie Season crowd loves it

SCC Season 2: Connected to movie or no? No McG does his own thing is ok.

2:10 Chuck LOST Crossover - Chuck produver says Chuck is real that is why they had the crossover. Carlton jokes that we told him that if they reveal anything that they would kill him.

Question about character v mythology.

Carlton: Mainly character driven show, but mythology is like the frosting on the cake.

Damon: Sense of gene is bad do not get TOO weird because might alienate. But every year a show that pushes the envelope with mystery and genre elements is the talk of the industry. Embrace it and go from there even if you are not a scifi fan.

Dark Knight and Iron Man genre movies and top grossing movies so why shy away!?

Carlton: Best to leave some things mysterious adds to the story, sometimes answer a mystery it weakens the story

2:15 Damon: Love Comic books, because serialized story that is ongoing. Mentions Watchmen story being an inspiration for LOST universe.

Fans rush to ask questions!! LOST LOST

2:20 Host says Constant was favorite episode.

How was it mapped out?

Carlton: Took 5 weeks, glad with strike because gave them time.

Damon: Almost impossible to explain to somebody. How do explain the whole flashes of Des

Worked on making sure there was a payout and it hit emotions. Bryan Fuller says best

Fans Questions.
1 - Characters came and go? Like to see come back - Mischa Barton.

Carlton says Eko. Crowd goes crazy. AAA got island fever so we had to write him off.

2:30 Tapdwag introduces himself and Carlton says this wll be about Gossip Girls. Crowd laughs.

Poor guy. He asks who writes the new ARG? New one is done by Hoodlum Find815 crew)

Jopiniated asks origin of Jeremy Bentham name?
List of philosophers and once we knew Locke we went with Bentham

Now typing with one hand lol

2:35 Charlie dying, but Aaron with Kate, and NOW Claire might not be around. How is this possible.

D&C: You will see Claire, but maybe not for awhile and it will be explained and will make sense. Sometimes there are paradoxes, but have a "plan"

2:40 Question about Time Travel

Carlton jokes will tell you tomorrow. Our characters can not change the future. FF is what you will see happen and won't change.

Damon: Jokes about networks worrying about TOO many time travel related shows

Stories seen on different screens across the world, how does that effect filming?

Carlton: Knew the mobisodes were on small screen, so planned accordingly and planned the story and production around it. Always thinking about the DVD format and digital format.

Fan LOVES Lost - Once in awhile how often do you plan in advance and how much spur of the moment?

2:45 Damon talks about the fan debate about plan v made up. End of 3rd season was a little of both, but now we have a plan. Before we were in a place where we did not know how long we had left to write the story.

Knew hatch at end of Season 2 will blow up, but things like where when who was adjusted.

Producers discuss each others show and Damon says Dexter is his favorite show

End of panel......AND I gave the Team ODI shirts to Damon and Carlton and they loved them!!!

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